Making Ontario Green-Learn About the TIRE CIRCULAR ECONOMY
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TIRE COLLECTION SERVICES: Pride Tires is proudly registered as a producer in Ontario with the Resource Productivity and Recovery (RPRA). We take ownership of the collection and recycling of the tires we supply into Ontario. Find the no-fee used tire drop off closest to you here. Our partners will collect tires free of charge from Collection Sites registered with RPRA. We do not provide collection services other than at the collection sites.


REUSING/RECYCLING TIRES IN ONTARIO: Pro service fee charged on our products helps to pay the costs of collection, recycling and reusing of Tires. The used tires dont fill our landfill sites and help our enviornment. Our reycling partners Emterra have helped us reuse  more than 338000.00 kgs of tire material. Click here to know more about TIRE RECYCLING in Ontario.